New beginnings

Deleted Facebook. Well actually deactivated it. I can still log in anytime and everything is still there, but to everyone else, my Facebook page(s) no longer exist. There was just so much negativity, bitching and whining anymore. No one seems happy, only ever commenting on the negatives to add more negativity. I just can't be bothered anymore. No one "likes" or comments on things anymore, so what's the point of sharing so much if no one cares? And of course everyone comes out of the woodwork when I post that I'm deleting. Wtf where are you all any other day?! Haha. Whatever!! Anyways, so yeah. Instagram and Twitter. LJ of course. I'm not sure how much of my life needs to be out there for people I don't really care about. The important people can email and text/call me too. It's all good. Though I might miss the fact that I can so easily connect with people on FB who don't have Instagram or Twitter... And finding old friends. But at the same time, if you don't want to keep in touch with me in the ways I'm willing to, you can't possibly care that much... Yuh

So I started my new story last night. The beginning is always tough. It sets the stage for the rest of the story, the flow and the characters temperaments and attitudes. I'm excited to continue.